Announcement by Osool & Bakheet Investment Company regarding the distributions of Fund’s dividends to the Unitholders of Al Ma’ather REIT’s

Sunday, November 20, 2022 at 12:33 PM

Osool & Bakheet Investment Company announces the distribution of cash

Dividends to the Unitholders of Al Ma’ather REIT for the nine-months ending on 30/09/2022 as follows:


1. Total distributed dividends 27,002,800 Saudi Riyal

2. Cash Distributions will be made on the basis of 61,370,000

Outstanding units.

3. The amounts of dividends to be distributed is 0.44 Saudi Riyal for each unit.

4. Percentage of Dividend to the Unit's Initial Price is 4.4%

5. The distribution ratio is 5.24% of the net value of assets as of “Friday,

 (04/03/1444H.), corresponding to (30/09/2022 G)”

6. Cash distribution entitlements to unitholders shall be based on the

unitholder register on the end of “Monday, 04/05/1444 H, corresponding to 28/11/2022 G (end of trading day Thursday, 24/11/2022 corresponding to 30/04/1444H)

7. Distributions shall be paid within (10 days from the eligibility date).



The Fund Manager would like to clarify the unitholders that these distributions are phased and pertain to the nine-month period ending 30/09/2022 after exclusion of Zakat, and the fund manager will endeavor to move towards a semi-annual dividend in the coming period accordance with cash flows, the fund manager expects the dividend of the remaining period of the year will be distributed during March and the semi-annual dividend during September each year and this will be announced in due course


The Fund Manager would like to remind the unitholders to update their

information with Capital Market Institution, where their accounts are

being held, to ensure the direct deposit of their due distributions.