CMA announces the approval of public offering of an investment fund

Thursday, June 07, 2018 at 4:15 PM

Thu Jun 7, 2018 16:15

The CMA has issued its resolution approving the public offer, by "AL NEFAIE INVESTMENT GROUP", of "Mazaya Murabaha Fund".
An Investment decision without reading the Terms and Conditions carefully or fully reviewing its content may involve high risk. Therefore, investors should carefully read the Terms and Conditions which includes detailed information on the Fund, investment strategy and risk factors, and carefully study it to be able to assess the feasibility of taking into consideration the associated risks. If the Terms and conditions proves difficult to understand, it is recommended to refer to the fund manager for more information. 
The CMA’s approval of the fund should never be considered as a recommendation to subscribe in the fund, The CMA's approval of  the fund merely means that the legal requirements as per the Capital Market Law and its Implementing Regulations have been met.