Osool and Bakheet Investment Company) announces a non-basic change in (OSOOL & BAKHEET IPO FUND)

Thursday, October 07, 2021 at 5:40 PM

(Osool and Bakheet Investment Company) announces the issuance of the approval of the Fund’s Board of Directors on a non-basic change in the Fund (OSOOL & BAKHEET IPO FUND) the change is effective on 10/01/1443H (18/08/2021) the non-basic change details were  assigning  RSM Allied Accountants (RSM) instead of Al-Bassam & Partner (PKF) and changing the fees from 18,000 SAR to SAR 30,000 annually,

Fund units holder have the right to redeem their units before effectiveness of the non-basic change without redemption fees

The updated terms and conditions can also be viewed through the following link: