Tadawul Announces its Board Composition

Thursday, January 02, 2020 at 5:08 PM

Thu Jan 2, 2020 17:08

The Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul” is pleased to announce the composition of the fifth term of its Board of Directors at the General Assembly held on Thursday 07/05/1441 Hijri, corresponding to 02/01/2020, for a 3 calendar years term. The Directors of the Board are:
1. Ms. Sarah Jammaz Al Suhaimi.
2. Mr. Yazeed Abdulrahman Al Humaid.
3. Eng. Khaild Abdullah Al Hussan.
4. Mr. Hashem Othman Al Hekail.
5. Mr. Sabti Suliman Al Sabti.
6. Mr. Yousef Abdullah Al Benyan.
7. Ms. Rania Mahmoud Nashar.
8. Mr. Xavier Rolet.
9. Mr. Mark Makepeace.
Tadawul would also like to express its thank and gratitude to its previous Board members for their efforts and contributions through the success that has been achieved during their membership term.