The Capital Market Authority approves the capital increase request for CHUBB Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company through the issuance of bonus shares

Tuesday, June 01, 2021 at 4:07 PM

Tue Jun 1, 2021 16:07

The CMA has issued its resolution approving CHUBB Arabia Cooperative Insurance Company’s request to increase its capital from SAR (200,000,000) to SAR (300,000,000) through issuing (1) bonus shares for every (2) existing shares owned by the shareholders who are registered in the shareholders registry at the Security Depository Center as of the closing of the second trading day after the due date which will be determined later by the Company's board, such increase will be paid by transferring an amount of SAR (100,000,000) from the “Retained Earnings” account. Consequently, increasing the Company's outstanding shares from (20,000,000) shares to (30,000,000) shares, by an increase of (10,000,000) shares. The extraordinary general assembly shall be held within six months from this approval date and the Company shall satisfy all regulatory requirements and applicable laws.