The Saudi Stock Exchange Performance Report – May 2018

Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 4:51 PM

Sun Jun 3, 2018 16:51

 At the end of May2018 Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) closed at 8,161.08 points, decreased by 47.79  points 0.58% over the close of  the  previous  month. 

Highest close level for the index during the month was   8,161.08   point   on   31/05/2018.
Total equity market capitalization at the end of May2018 reached SAR 1,957.59  billion (US$  522.02 billion), increasing  by 1.44%  over  the close of  the  previous  month.
The total value of shares traded for the   month of  May2018 reached  SAR 83.91 billion (US$ 22.38 billion), decreasing by 22.29% over the previous month.
The total number of shares traded* reached 3.71 billion shares during the month of May 2018 compared to 4.85 billion shares traded for the previous month, a decrease of   23.44%.
The total number of transactions executed during May 2018 reached 2.20 million compared to 2.77 million trades for the month of   April  2018,  a decrease of  20.72%.
* Adjusted to all corporate actions during the period.
   Number of  trading days during  May 2018  were  23 against 22 trading days  during  April 2018
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