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Osool & Bakheet Investment Company, is a Saudi joint stock company (Company resulting from the merger of Osool Capital Company and Bakheet Investment Group). It was listed on the parallel market (Nomu) through a capital increase to 81,000,000 Saudi Riyals (fully paid and pending completion of statutory procedures), divided into 8,100,000 equal-value shares. The company is licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Saudi Arabia (License No.: 08126-07), and registered in the Ministry of Commerce with a CR No.: 1010219805 (starting from 05/02/1427 H and ends on 01/05/1526 H). The main activities for OBIC represent in Dealing as principle and agent, Investment Fund Management, Discretionary Portfolio Management, Arranging and Custody. OBIC activates was commenced directly after obtaining the CMA license in 19/11/2005. The company got listed in the Parallel market on 07/11/2023 with Tadawul code 9586, as the first financial market institution to trade in the Saudi stock market.