Historical Performance

Historical Performance

OBIC’s broad knowledge and experience in the Saudi stock market since 1994 made it the preferred choice for financial institutions to rely on when faced with the challenging task of creating and managing Mutual Funds. Moreover, OBIC served as a financial advisor to many family owned businesses and High Net Worth Individuals. What Follows is a sample of the partnerships that OBIC was a part of in the past:

• 1995: OBIC created and Managed the "Arab Equity Fund" for Al-Ahli Bank, which was the first fund of its kind ever to be launched. (details)

• 1998: Provided Investment Advice to the "Saudi Trading Equity Fund" for Al Ahli Bank. (details)

• 1998: Creation and Management of the "Saudi Equiy Fund" for Al Ahli Bank. (details)

• 1998: Creation and Management of the first "Middle East Equity Fund" for Al –Rajhi Bank. (details).

• 2000: Creation and Management of "IDKHAR Fund" for the employees Of OBIC. (details) .

• 2007: OBIC offers Discretionary Portfolio Management to its clients.

• 2007: Creation and Management of "Bakheet Saudi Trading Equity Fund". The first Fund Licensed By the CMA. (details) Please Note that all the Portfolios and Funds Managed outperformed their respective benchmarks, which highlights the "Value Added " of OBIC. 

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